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16 October 2010 @ 02:07 am

new members.

After throwing the towel in, giving up my pride, and spreading the news far and wide, we've managed to gain a bunch of new members here at fuckyeahgale, and hopefully we're still growing.
Tell all y'all friends and promo the comm where you can (don't get us in trouble). We want to grow even more.

I would like to remind you of our general rules post:

But would like to share some fun, new information.
1-Posts are still moderated, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be posting! We plan on posting a different picture of Gale EVERY DAY. Which means if everyone keeps posting picspams, we'll run out super quickly. That doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't be posting NEW pictures, news, videos, interviews and the likes.

2-speaking of picspams, we're not totally against them, use your discretion, though. Every damn picture you have of Gale in one post, or an entire photoshoot from 2 years ago is silly. But a compilation of pictures comparing him to Kermit or screencaps with a theme or something are A-Okay.
WHAT THIS MEANS is that you are posting something to this community. You are welcome to cross-post and indicate as much, but we don't want just a link with one picture to a personal journal.

3-an important thing to keep in mind is originality. If you're posting a pic spam where you did not take the pictures personally (omg if you did that would be really exciting), they are not yours to hold ownership over. No asking that people not repost or that they ask for permission to use them. No one's impressed that you cropped Thea Gill out of a picture. Nor are they impressed that you found the pictures before them. It just shows that you had more time on your hands. Take this from someone who spent her Friday night alone playing pokemon on the computer.

this brings us to something else
4-graphics. I'm thinking maybe once every few days we'll make a post for a graphics dump. Icons you've made, wallpapers, gifs, whathaveyous. this is where my last point gets shaky. Resizing a photo to 100x100 is, again, unimpressive. You're welcome to ask for credit here, but if there's drama going on surrounding it, it's getting pulled off and the mods are hands off. 40 People can have the same icon and they all could have made it themselves. It's easy. Thus, images can be used as bases. Gifs, wallpapers, other customized things I can understand some form of theoretical ownership over, but again, the mods here are hands off. If you don't want other people using them, the internet is not the place for them.

5-fanart/fanfic. I'm gonna straight up say no on fanfic. There are many, many comms for fics with Gale's characters, and the team here at fuckyeahgale do not support RPF. Fanart is welcome, if not encouraged.

6-Whatever links you share with each other WRT downloading Gale's films and television shows is at your own risk

7-as is giving out personal information. be cool, you guys.

This sounds scary, me thinks, but HAVE FUN. We want discussion posts for if Gale ever shows back up on hellcats. we want exclusives for movies and fun facts and interviews.
we want you to make friends and form a lasting bond over your love of devilishly good looking men.

Really. I think I scared a member away once and NEVER AGAIN.
25 September 2010 @ 09:58 pm
one and all to Fuck Yeah Gale.

Following the trend of "Fuck yeah _______!"s on tumblr, our dear creator tucker set out to do the same on LJ.
I hopped aboard, seeing as tumblr kind of confuses me (I'm sure if I tried it would make sense*) and livejournal has a simpler, more tried and true format, and I tried to make this community happen.

We're simply a community for Gale. Mostly pictures, but news pieces are welcome.

Posting is moderated, but that does not mean you should feel too intimidated to submit!
Our goal is to post at least one picture of Gale a day.
Submit news articles or new pictures as you see fit.
Posts will only be rejected if they are off topic or older pictures of Gale (we have our reasons. It's just a matter of organization).

Our rules are simple:
Stay classy. Enjoy Gale, enjoy each other. Discussion posts are allowed as long as they stay on topic. If we get an inkling that something fishy is going on, we will falconpunch you the hell out of our community.
If we have made a dire mistake and it is imperative for you to rejoin, you may contact us.

Tell your friends to join, link to us on your tumblr, livejournal, or other community where promoting is approved.

Watch Hellcats Wednesday nights at 9PM est on the CW (check local listings).

*don't explain it to me. I can't be bothered